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Point Cloud Surveying – Fire Protection Design

M&E Design – BIM Services



Digital Design and Consultancy (DDC) have been set up to provide design and consultancy services to the AEC Industry. We specialise in Point Cloud Surveying, Fire Protection Design, M&E Design and Coordination using the latest BIM technology.


As BIM grows, DDC remain at the forefront of everything that is happening. We recently added Point Cloud Surveying to our offering. This technology has proven to be a real timesaver with design of new services within existing buildings.


At DDC, we work closely with our clients and become part of their team on projects. This provides our clients with an additional design resource, ensuring that all deadlines are being met in a timely manner. We would normally lead coordination for our clients in meetings providing our knowledge to ensure designs are fully compliant and fit our client’s needs. Our Point Cloud Surveying service has made a significant difference for our clients on existing buildings. It has saved them time and money in design and more importantly on site.


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