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Mechanical & Electrical

Digital Design and Consultancy specialise in a range of commercial/residential and industrial mechanical and electrical modelling design services. All designs are carried out by certified Mechanical Engineers using 3D design software packages to produce intelligent models for the operation and maintenance of the client’s-built asset. All 2D output produced is extracted directly from the 3D model ensuring information provided is accurate and up to date.

The following modelling service can be undertaken by Digital Design and Consultancy:
1. Ventilation Systems
2. Process Systems
3. Heating and Cooling Systems
4. Electrical Wiring and Containment

Clash Detection

Collaboration and co-ordination are key activities on BIM projects, co-ordination of models through clash avoidance and clash detection software ensure that the models are clash free before construction thus reducing construction re-work costs. The BIM process involves a range of 3D models produced by each discipline at coordinated data drops, these are then used to inform a master federated model. Clash detection software is used to identify clashes which exist between two separate models. A hard clash occurs when two components are occupying the same space. A soft clash occurs when an element isn't given the spatial or geometric tolerances it requires, or its buffer zone is breached. The introduction of clash detection identifies these clashes at a design stage and in turn produces a coordinated model prior to construction.

COBie and IFC (Industry Foundation Classes)

At key milestones on the project COBie and IFC Data must be extracted from the 3D model. COBie specifications can be exported to the appropriate standard and collated using a spreadsheet and IFC can be exported from the chosen 3D design software. Delivery of COBie is referred to in ISO 19650 and BS 1192-4. These COBie and IFC files should comply with the client’s Employer Information Requirements on the project. COBie extraction structures non-graphical information and contains it in one location. The IFC model extraction is a 3D intelligent model contained in a non-proprietary format readable by all software applications.
IFC is an industry-wide open and neutral data format that facilitates rich data exchange on BIM projects. An IFC data model is intended to describe building and construction industry data. It is an open file format specification that is not controlled by a single vendor. The IFC model contains graphical geometry and information relating to each component of the model.

4D Scheduling

Digital Design and Consultancy can provide 4D time liner information for construction project sequencing. The use of 4D BIM Modelling can provide installation information at the design stage of a project. The 4D construction sequencing process provides a timeline and schedule of the construction phase.

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