Many smaller construction companies are having difficulty dealing with the significant change and culture which BIM causes. Digital Design & Consultancy’s BIM Training services aim to bridge the gap for smaller construction companies to be able to work alongside their larger competitors who have already adopted the process. We offer ISO accredited, professional BIM Training to make Business Information Modelling clearer, more accessible, and easier for companies to implement. From general BIM courses to in-depth BIM software training and more, we offer a full-service training solution.

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BIM Training Courses

Digital Design and Consultancy offer training to help your organisation improve its skills and knowledge to handle BIM projects. The following courses have been developed in line with key European and UK BIM standards. The training courses include:

1. BIM Introduction (1 Day) provides all staff an overview of BIM including relevant standards and reasoning for BIM I the construction Industry
2. BIM ISO 19650 (2 Day) Information requirements as part of the new European standard
3. BIM PAS 1192 (2 Day) information requirements as part of current UK standards
4. BIM PAS1192-4/ISO19650 Delivering COBie as per the requirements of the employer’s information exchange requirements

BIM Modelling

The digitisation of the construction industry can be difficult for many companies in the construction industry. Depending on the requirements set out in the project BIM Execution Plan numerous software applications may be required. The common file format for all disciplines is currently IFC, this can be created from every software package used to produce BIM models. Digital Design and Consultancy have developed the following training to upskill your organisation to become capable in delivering the employers requirements.

1. BIM (1 Day) software introduction
2. Revit training tailored to you company’s needs (Mechanical, Electrical and Sprinkler)
3. AutoCAD Training
4. Revit add on training (MagiCAD, HydraCAD, MEP Fabrication and AutoSprink)
5. AutoCAD add on Training (CADWorx and HydraCAD)

BIM Co-ordination

Collaboration and co-ordination are key activities on BIM projects, co-ordination of models through clash avoidance and clash detection software ensure that the models are clash free before construction thus reducing construction re-work costs. The BIM process involves a range of 3D models produced by each discipline at coordinated data drops, these are then used to inform a master federated model. Clash detection software is used to identify clashes which exist between two separate models. A hard clash occurs when two components are occupying the same space. A soft clash occurs when an element isn't given the spatial or geometric tolerances it requires, or its buffer zone is breached. The introduction of clash detection identifies these clashes at a design stage and in turn produces a coordinated model prior to construction.

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