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Point Cloud Surveying

At Digital Design and Consultancy, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive point cloud surveying services to the AEC industry. Our expertise with this cutting-edge technology allows us to seamlessly integrate point cloud data from conception to completion and throughout the as-built phase. By leveraging precise three-dimensional information, we empower our clients with accurate and detailed insights into existing structures. From the initial stages of design to the final as-built documentation, our point cloud surveying services contribute to the efficiency, accuracy, and success of every project we undertake.


Point Cloud Scanning is the set of 3D data points captured by a laser scanner using LiDAR technology. The scanner transmits a laser beam which hits objects and reflects back, the scanner then records the objects location in space. The laser scanner is positioned in multiple locations to accurately record full areas. Each scan captures millions of data points to measure an area in hours, versus the traditional manual method taking days.


Point clouds are used to document every visible point on a project, this records a digital pixelated version of the asset for the client. The complete point cloud scans accuracy can be used for various reasons including as built verification on new builds or for the creation of new designs within an existing building. Putting it simply, the major benefit is massive time-saving, plus you output a complete design ready for further development all in a few hours.

Our Packages

  1. Scan Verification.

  2. Scans to generate accurate Architectural, Structural and Building Service layouts in existing buildings.

  3. Retrofit design of M&E or FP services.

  4. Scan to BIM services.


The Process

Step 1

Step 1

Scanning – efficiently capturing intricate details of the built asset.

Step 2

Step 2

We analyse, capture and process information tailored to your project needs. Whether it is for conceptualisation, design, or as-built documentation. Using the point cloud analysis software, we can tidy up and remove any information that is not required for your project needs. Doing this will help reduce the size of the file and allow the designer to freely move around the scan without massive computing power required.

Step 3

Step 3

The Point Cloud Scan can be utilised in Revit and AutoCAD to allow the designer to design new services within the existing building. Using the Point Cloud data allows the designer to make informed decisions on new service routes that are fully coordinated in the existing building. Utilising this data ensures the successful completion of the project in an efficient manner while also reducing rework staying within budget.

The Benefits

Manual surveying is no competition to point cloud scan technology, this is a massive saving for our clients.


Accurate Data

  • Captures 2 million points per second.

  • Captures all Architectural, Structural and MEP Services.

  • Point Cloud scanners can access hard to reach locations.

  • Scans distances up to 135 meters.

Increased Efficiency

  • Less disturbance on site.

  • Eliminates revisits.

  • Sharing with the full project team, point cloud scanning does not require a licence to access the data.

Reduced Costs

  • Accurate data from the first scan, eliminating revisits, reduces changes, resulting in reduced project costs.


  • The ability to obtain measurements in hazardous locations from a safe distance.

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