Building Services Design

Digital Design and Consultancy (DDC) is a full Mechanical Services Design specialist providing solutions and comprehensive recommendations for commercial, residential, and industrial systems. We offer BIM [Building Information Management] design and coordination services, by utilising the latest industry recognised 3D and 2D design software. Our expert Mechanical Design team provide first class design support to our clients ensuring their needs are met.

Ventilation & Heat Recovery

  • Heat Recovery Ventilation
  • Air Handling Units
  • Extract Ventilation Systems
  • Fresh Air Ductwork
  • Commercial Heating
Building Services Design

Building Services Co-ordination

Digital Design and Consultancy  is a trusted and certified provider of M&E co-ordination support for the construction industry. Our expertise with industry recognised software puts us at the forefront of Building Information Modelling (BIM) support. Our expertise in building services enables us to provide our clients with comprehensive support throughout the project life-cycle ranging from initial design modelling, clash detection and resolution, to producing  final ‘as built’ models including client-specific asset information requirements.

We leverage cloud-based BIM coordination technologies to facilitate collaboration between multi-disciplinary project team members, enabling our clients to access precise 3D model views and shared mark-ups. Additionally, we can generate builders work OPE requirements, equipment schedules, 3D sections, visualisations and intelligent Revit families.  All our models are COBie compliant and adhere to industry best practice to ensure ease of use, appropriate levels of detail and contract compliance.

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