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Project Summary:

DDC were awarded the subcontract design and coordination of mechanical and electrical services. The contract involved a 12-story office fit out for one of the largest search engine providers in the world. The full office fit out included 12 levels of office, a gym and multiple kitchens.

Liaising with our client and collaborating with the wider construction team meant the design and coordination process could be completed for the main contractor three months prior to the agreed date.


On the electrical side, we were responsible for designing and coordinating the Power, Lighting, Security, and Data Services to various areas throughout the building. DDC reviewed the client’s requirements and designed a solution which consisted of cable containment 

paths from electrical components that transport all cables from various points across the building which supply Power, Lighting, Security, and Data Systems to various areas throughout the building. 

DDC’s responsibility on the mechanical side was to design and coordinate Domestic Water Services, Soil & Waste, Heating and Chilled Pipework and Ventilation Systems consisting of supply and extract ductwork. This involved coordinating ducts to supply fan coil units and their zones while also coordinating heating and chilled pipework to the fan coil units for space temperature control. 


DDC supplied a full solution for design and coordination taking the project from the design stage into construction stage level of detail. 

image (12)
image (13)

Utilising the best industry recognised 3D design tools, the mechanical and electrical services could be designed, coordinated, and produced for the full fit out drawing production. 


DDC conducted site inspections to guarantee coordination in areas that were difficult to resolve in the 3D model. These tight bottleneck areas form where several services are traveling to supply equipment. The site visits were also important for an overall sanity check to confirm everything was installed according to our model.  With the utilisation of key software, the 3D model can be viewed on tablets, this was a key tool used to check and verify the 3D model to what had been installed. Taking on-site measurements and comparing them to the model it became easy to verify the accuracy of the site installation. 


During the design and construction phases DDC ensured proper communication with our client. It was also important to get involved with the weekly Building Information Modelling coordination meetings to discuss and resolve design and coordination issues.



  • Fully coordinated Mechanical and Electrical Design.

  • Process-driven approach.

  • Additional design resources for updated construction deadlines.

  • Knowledge to represent client in meetings. 

  • Cost effective, on budget solution.

  • 3D visual outputs for documentation and installation.

  • High quality construction drawings. 

  • Tight time frame and design milestones hit.

  • Removed pressure from our client during busy period.

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