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Project Summary:

Fire Protection System for Multiple Residential Complexes and Car Parks



DDC have been entrusted by a leading Irish fire protection contractor with the task of delivering a comprehensive fire protection design for their upcoming residential projects. The contractor has recognised the need for specialised expertise to streamline and enhance the fire protection design process



Given the scale and difficulty of multiple residential complexes and their corresponding parking solutions, it was essential to create fire protection designs that not only met safety regulations but also streamlined installation. The partnership with DDC was forged to supplement the design process and provide additional expertise. DDC utilised the latest in Point Cloud Scanning technology to help design and inform the best fire protection solution.



Relying on the standards BS 9251 and En 12845, DDC developed a robust fire protection design. Advanced 3D design software was employed, ensuring the contractor could provide clear visual representations of the fire protection systems for each project. Collaboration with our client was pivotal to ensure the success of the project. Our teams worked hand in hand to ensure a harmonised and compliant design, specifically tailored for residential sector standards. As project demands intensified, our team was there every step of the way, ensuring critical milestones were achieved promptly



  • Comprehensive Fire Protection Design in line with BS 9251 standards.

  • Efficient and streamlined approach.

  • Guaranteed compliance tailored for residential complexes.

  • Expanded design resources for detailed oversight.

  • Expertise for clear and effective communication.

  • Economical and value-driven solutions.

  • Detailed 3D visualisations for documentation clarity.

  • Top-tier construction designs.

  • Adherence to a strict project timeline.

  • Collaborative efforts ensuring project success. 

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