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Data Centres


Project Summary

The project included early-stage consultancy design for a large Data Centre development in Germany. This development is to accommodate the large growth and global demand for the client's Data Centre facilities. The client engaged DDC to avail of their expertise in Fire Protection design of a compliant and scalable design solution.

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DDC provided a Fire Protection solution using FM Global Data Sheets. The service included the design, coordination and provision of drawings using modern 3D design software. The difficulty of this project was the use of fire sprinkler systems and fire water mist systems. DDC needed to investigate the use of one water supply to provide adequate water duration for both water mist and sprinkler systems. DDC utilised the latest 3D design and coordination technology to provide accurate information to design the new Fire Protection system. The use of 3D software resulted in our client being provided with a high-quality visual representation of the fire protection system fully coordinated within their building specification.

DDC provided the client with the drawings, calculations, and 3D models to go out to the market for tender to Fire Protection Contractors.

Benefits Included:

  • Fire Protection Design with FM Global Data Sheets.

  • Process driven approach.

  • Utilised water mist and sprinkler systems.

  • Fire Protection design expertise.

  • Cost effective, on budget solution.

  • 3D visual outputs for documentation.

  • High quality tender drawings and models.

  • Tight time frame and design milestones hit for client to release tender pack.

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